Cases of bribery

In 2015, the officers of the Lithuanian Road Police Service (hereinafter – LKPT) recorded 6 cases of bribery.

Amounts offered: € 10, € 50, € 400, € 550, £ 100.


Bribery cases:

2015 On May 11, LKPT patrols worked in Raseiniai district. In the afternoon (about 11.35 am) in the Norgėlai settlement, on the road Ariogala – Raseiniai – Kryžkalnis, the patrol was attracted to the Volkswagen Vento car suspiciously, meandering along the carriageway. Officials suspected the driver might be intoxicated.

The driver of the Volkswagen Vento, noticing the police car, suddenly turned left and stopped at the wall of the building. It turned out that the officers’ intuition and experience did not deceive – the 47-year-old man sitting at the wheel was obviously intoxicated. The alcohol meter measured him with an average drunkenness of 2.41 per mille.

The drunk driver asked the officers not to write him an administrative offense report and offered to come to an agreement. Officials made it clear to him that there could be no “agreements”. The incomprehensible offender put 400 euros on the front seat through the open door of the patrol car driver and further commented that this money was given to officers so that they would not form an offense.

The intoxicated driver was delivered to the Raseiniai District Police Commissariat of the Šiauliai County Chief Police Commissariat. He has been prosecuted not only for driving while intoxicated, but also for prosecuting a bribe to police officers.


2015 On the evening of the 29th of October (16.00) at the 38th kilometer of the A1 Vilnius – Kaunas – Klaipėda road, LKPT patrols stopped the Audi A6 car, the driver of which raised suspicions that he might be intoxicated (the driver’s side window was opened, the driver smoked a cigarette) . When asked if the man was intoxicated, he said he had not consumed alcohol.

Officials, checking documents from the 48-year-old driver, noticed plastic containers on the back of the car in the back seat that were covered with a blanket. The driver explained that he was carrying 200 liters of alcohol (about 40 units of the said tanks).

When the driver was checked with an alcohol meter, his readings were zero. However, it was explained to the man that a task force would be called for the cargo he was carrying to find out if it was legal. Upon hearing this, the man began to ask not to do so, as he would pay for it and give 1,000 euros. The driver was warned of his wrongdoing, which was an attempt to bribe police officers, but he did not see it. Upon approaching one of the patrols, the man stuck several twisted banknotes in the officer’s trouser pocket, saying it was a reward not to summon criminal police officers.

The police officer was given a bribe of 550 euros. The pre-trial investigation into this fact was initiated by the Elektrėnai Police Commissariat of the Vilnius County Chief Police Commissariat.


2015 b irzelOn the morning of the 6th (around 5.30 am) in Kaunas county, on the Kaunas – Marijampolė – Suwałki road, LKPT pilots, working on an unpainted Audi A6 car and not marked with police insignia, stopped a suspiciously maneuvering Peugeot 406 car.

Examination of the driver’s documents revealed that the car was driven by an 18-year-old guy who was intoxicated. A light alcohol gauge of 1.34 per mille was found in the young man with an alcohol meter. In addition, he was not entitled to drive, a car without a compulsory roadworthiness test, not covered by compulsory civil liability insurance. In order to avoid administrative liability for violations of traffic rules, the 18-year-old offered a monetary reward to the officials: “a friend will come soon and bring as much as 100 or 200 euros.”

Due to an attempt to bribe police officers, the pre-trial investigation was initiated by the Kaunas County Chief Police Commissariat.


2015 r AugustIn the afternoon of the 9th (around 1.20 pm) in Palanga, at the intersection of Vytauto and Gintaro streets, two mopeds were stopped. Under the leases, both of those vehicles were leased by one of the drivers. Another driver, although driving a moped, did not have the right to drive. Officials found that a man was disqualified from driving under Article 126 (1) of the Code of Administrative Offenses (driving a vehicle while intoxicated with a slight degree of intoxication). Both men were explained that protocols were being drawn up for violations of traffic rules: one for driving a vehicle without the right to it, the other for handing over the driving of a moped to a person who did not have such a right. One of the drivers asked if it would not be possible to “agree” and not write a protocol. Offender, when he arrived at the official motorcycle, he placed a € 10 voucher in the register of alcohol meter readings, which was filled in by a patrol. He explained that it was a “reward for not having a protocol drawn up” and offered to give € 50 so that his friend would not be punished.

Both offending drivers were presented to the Palanga City Police Commissariat of the Klaipėda County Chief Police Commissariat. The proposed bribe (€ 10) was passed on to criminal police officers.


2015 l apkričio 8 minutes on Sunday, officials worked LKPT Kaunas and Kėdainiai districts. In the evening (about 17.05) in Kaunas district, Muniškiai village, a 58-year-old drunk man who was not driving and was not allowed to drive a vehicle was stopped. A moped passenger hurried to “rescue” him from the officers, offering them a bribe of 50 euros.

The moped driver was found to have a mild 0.72 per mille drunkenness. The driver admitted to being intoxicated because he drank beer, nor did he deny that he was never entitled to drive.

While drawing up the report on the administrative violation, the officers were approached by a moped passenger who decided to “help” the man who had transported her. The 53-year-old woman began persuading officers to release the moped driver without writing a report to him. Patrols have repeatedly warned the woman that her requests are illegal and that offering and giving a bribe is a criminal offense. However, officials failed to “understand” the woman. She put a 50-euro bill in the police service car between the front seats, offering a salary for officers to release the man who was transporting her.


2015 g of rhodiumOn the 29th, LKPT officers carried out a preventive measure on the Via Baltica road, at about 16.00. Fiat Punto with British registration plates was stopped at the 19th kilometer of the A5 Kaunas – Marijampolė – Suwalki road. The 51-year-old citizen of the Republic of Latvia who drove it did not have the right to drive because he was deprived of it. In addition, the man presented a forged driver’s license issued in Latvia. In an attempt to “make an agreement” with the patrols, he gave £ 100.