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Weekly traffic accident statistics 2016 02 05
According to preliminary data, from January 29 to February 4 (Friday-Thursday), there were 58 road accidents in our country, in which people were injured. 2 road users (men) were killed: a 35-year-old passenger and a 65-year-old pedestrian. 71 people were injured, including 9 minors.

Intoxicated drivers were involved in 2 traffic accidents during the week, according to preliminary data: 1 person (passenger) was killed and 5 were injured. Participation in the exhibition “Studios 2016” 04 02 2016
The 14th International Exhibition of Learning, Knowledge and Career Planning “Studies 2016” is taking place on February 4-6, Thursday – Saturday, in Vilnius, at the Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Center Litexpo.

Representatives from all police services, including the Lithuanian Road Police, participate in it and present the
profession of a police officer. Traffic police: control of road users is strengthened 01 02 2016
Police officers will implement police traffic safety measures throughout the country in February to detect and prevent traffic violations, as well as to reduce the number of road accidents involving people. Weekly traffic statistics 2016 01 29
According to preliminary data, there were 46 traffic accidents in our country on 22-28 January (Friday-Thursday). 1 road user was killed (30-year-old pedestrian). 55 people were injured, including 11 minors. Pedestrians and drivers were the most affected. Road police officers from Kaunas to Vilnius accompanied the donor’s heart on January 28, 2016
On Tuesday, January 26, officers of the Lithuanian Road Police Service were urgently called to help the Lithuanian Transplantation Bureau. The donor heart for transplantation had to be delivered immediately from Kaunas Clinics to Vilnius University Hospital Santariškės Clinics.
Chief of Alytus County Police: “Our strength is our officers” 2016 01 25

On Sunday, January 24, Alytus County Police Chief Česlovas Mulma visited Darius Laurinaitis, the chief patrol of the Road Patrol Squad, who was injured and gradually recovering during the stolen SUV. The boss took a full basket of fruit to a colleague so that he could recover as soon as possible and be able to return to service.

Round Alytus County: battered police car wounded officer 2016 01 24 On Sunday, January 24, a police car VW Passat was crashed during an incident in Lazdijai district, one officer was injured and the fugitive was completely sober. The “combers” standing “on the lex” were also detained. Weekly traffic accident statistics 2016 01 22

According to preliminary data, on January 15–21 (Friday – Thursday), 63 traffic accidents occurred in Lithuania. 1 road user (driver) was killed. 79 people were injured, most of them pedestrians – 30 and passengers – 27. According to preliminary data, drunk drivers did not cause any traffic accidents.

Weekly traffic accident statistics 2016 01 15 According to preliminary data, there were 65 road accidents in our country on January 8-14 (Friday-Thursday). 2 road users were killed: pedestrians (both men, in the dark of the day). 73 people were injured, including 9 minors.

Pedestrians were the most affected – 26. According to preliminary data, intoxicated drivers were involved in 3 traffic accidents. Lithuanian traffic police officers during the night accompanied by exquisite goods 2016 01 15 Officials of the Lithuanian Road Police Service have been escorting non-standard large cargo since 13 January, ensuring traffic safety. A huge tugboat, accompanied by security personnel and two cars of the Lithuanian Road Police Service with four officers, is moving from Klaipeda port to Adutiškis, on the border with Belarus.