Paragraph 9 of Article 10 (Ensuring Traffic Safety) of the Law on Road Traffic Safety of the Republic of Lithuania regulates that the police, ensuring traffic safety, control the technical condition of vehicles, the driving and rest regime of drivers on the roads.


► Item 229 of the Road Traffic Rules: From 10 April. until 31 October. the use of vehicles with studded tires is prohibited. It is recommended to use vehicles with summer tires during the warm season. In the event of prolonged winter conditions, the use of studded tires may be extended by order of the Minister of Transport.


► Item 230 of the Road Traffic Rules: From 10 November. until March 31. the use of motor vehicles and trailers with summer tires is prohibited.


► From 10 November for cars and their trailers with a gross vehicle weight not exceeding 3.5 t. until April 1. winter tires must be used (marked “M + S”, “*” or “All seasons”).


► The tread depth of the tires used must be at least:

Class M1 – 1.6 mm (from 10 November to 31 March – 3.0 mm).

Class M2: 2.0 mm (3.0 November to 10 March).

Class M3 – 2.0 mm.