Weekly traffic accident statistics


July 7-13 (Friday-Thursday) According to preliminary data, there were 64 traffic accidents on the roads of our country, in which people were injured. 3 road users were killed (2 men and 1 woman), with an average age of 47 years. 81 people were injured, including 21 minors.

Police attention – committing violations of the rules of crossing cyclists

2017 07 12

This week, the Lithuanian Road Police Service, together with the ERGO insurance group in Lithuania and the Velomarathon, is launching a campaign during which raids will be held on city streets to draw attention to cyclists’ safety issues. During the friendly police raids, which start on July 13, the most emphasis is on the proper crossing of the road by cyclists at pedestrian crossings.

Last weekend, the attention of the traffic police to the region of Samogitia was intensified

on July 10, 2017

On July 7-9, traffic police officers paid great attention not only to the events that took place in Samogitia, but also to the monitoring and control of the behavior of road users on the road.

Weekly traffic accident statistics

07 07 2017

From June 30 to July 6 (Friday-Thursday), 4 people (3 men and 1 woman) died in road accidents in our country, their average age was 37 years. Among the dead: 2 car drivers, 1 passenger and 1 pedestrian. 88 road users were injured, including 20 minors. The majority of passengers were injured in the accidents – 36. According to preliminary data, there were a total of 72 traffic accidents in which people were injured.

Republican preventive measures are being implemented in July

03 07 2017

The Lithuanian Road Police Service informs about the traffic control measures carried out on the country’s roads this month.

To educate cyclists – a tripartite campaign

on 23 June 2017

Velomarathon, Lithuanian Road Police and ERGO Insurance Group are starting to work together to achieve bicycle-related safety in cities. This collaboration on cycling education will continue at least until the fall.

Weekly traffic accident statistics


According to preliminary data, on June 16–22 (Friday – Thursday), 82 traffic accidents occurred on the roads of our country. 3 road users (men) and car drivers were killed. 97 people were injured (mostly 38 drivers), including 15 minors.

This Sunday, temporary restrictions for residents and guests of the capital will take place

on 22/06/2017

During the upcoming Sunday festivities, the proclamation of Archbishop Teofilius Matulionis as the Blessed One, car traffic and parking will be restricted in the center of Vilnius. The police turn to Vilnius residents and guests of the capital and ask for understanding, benevolent cooperation.

A civic and brave woman arrested a drunk driver

on June 21, 2017

The firm actions of the driver helped the officers to arrest the drunk driver and prevent a possible painful accident.

Weekly traffic accident statistics

16 06 2017

June 9-15 (Friday-Thursday) 4 people were killed in road accidents in our country: 2 drivers, 1 passenger, 1 pedestrian (3 men and 1 woman, their average age is 65 years). 103 road users were injured, including 18 minors. More than 3,000 traffic violations were detected during the week.